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Do you want to advertise your business on Facebook? Or generate leads with LinkedIn Sponsored Updates? At The Marketing Eye, we're experienced in running paid ads across all social media platforms. From Twitter to Facebook, LinkedIn to Instagram, we're your team!

Take a look at some of the paid social ads we've carried out for our clients.

The task

Drive lead generation through social media.

Our solution

Capture leads via Facebook ‘Website Conversion’ ads, Twitter Ads and LinkedIn Sponsored Updates and nurture those leads through SharpSpring (Marketing Automation and lead generation software).

The Marketing Eye utilised a content piece aimed at investors, which gave them information on how the Ablrate platform works. We gated this content behind a form placed on a dedicated landing page that we had built. These leads were then nurtured through SharpSpring via an email drip campaign designed to turn the leads into full registrations.

The Result


Guide Downloads

The task

Increase brand awareness and video views of SyndicateRoom’s ‘Powering Human Progress Video’.

Our solution

Implement a ‘Video Views’ Facebook campaign to generate video views.

By using Facebook’s dedicated ‘Video Views’ feature, we were able to utilise the best possible social media technology for the given task. We coupled this feature with Facebook’s audience profiling to build out three separate target audiences based on SyndicateRoom’s buyer personas. This allowed us to compare results across the three different audiences and adjust the campaign based on the best performing ad. This helped us increase the number of video views and reduce spend in non-performing areas.

The Result


Video Views




Post Likes


New Followers

The task

Generate app sign-ups through Facebook.

Our solution

Generate app sign-ups via a ‘Website Conversion’ ads campaign using different targeting methods. We utilised Facebook’s tracking pixel to create a custom audience of people who had already visited Satago’s website, but hadn’t signed up to the app. We also built a detailed target audience using behavioural and demographic targeting of small business owners with specific job titles relevant to Satago’s existing user base. We ran these campaigns side-by-side as a complement to one another.

To increase app sign-ups, we also created a dedicated landing page aimed at converting visitors into leads by quickly and accurately conveying the key themes of the app. Furthermore, we A/B tested two different ad copies to identify the best performing messaging.

The Result




App Sign Ups


App Sign Ups

The task

Generate leads through social media.

Our solution

Create a content piece to generate leads. We created a fifteen page guide to investing in property. We then gated this guide behind a form located on a purpose built landing page.

We then promoted the guide on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to people who already had an interest in companies similar to PROSPI. This meant we could guarantee targeting the right audience and generate the best possible conversion rate for PROSPI.

To ensure best possible return for our client, we tested five different forms of ad copy as well as closely monitoring the most effective social media channel.

The Result


Guide Downloads


Conversion Rate

The task

Increase brand awareness and onsite registrations of SyndicateRoom’s brand new IPO offering. We were also tasked with aligning this campaign with other marketing activities such as PR to coincide with the launch date.

Our solution

Run a ‘Clicks to website’ Facebook campaign designed to increase awareness of the IPO offering and also to aid onsite conversions. We also helped come up with the campaign theme: Putting the Public back into IPO. This served to clearly highlight that the previously closed world of IPOs is now open to all.

A bespoke landing page dedicated to the IPO offering was built to inform and convert visitors into leads. With the use of Facebook’s audience profiling, we targeted SyndicateRoom’s three buyer personas. Careful monitoring of the campaign through Facebook’s Power Editor dashboard and Google Analytics, we quickly realised that the ads were not converting. We rectified this by re-targeting the campaign at users who had a specific interest in the London Stock Exchange. This helped us improve the ads relevancy, which in turn reduced our cost per click.

SyndicateRoom IPO Landing Page

The Result


People Reached


Website Clicks

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